Automated Task Manager

Complete Tasks/Ticklers Automatically!

The Automated Task Manager runs in the background and completes patient outreach tasks in your EMR for you. Using Natural Language Processing, the system scans through tasks, identifies the ones you want completed, and automatically completes them to the specifications of the clinic. Enable your staff to do more by letting WaiveTheWait handle tedious and time-consuming tasks!

Saving time and finishing tasks faster at Intrepid Health

11.5 Days
Average number of days to complete a task and schedule an appointment before WaiveTheWait
1.3 Days
Average number of days to complete a task after WaiveTheWait
The Intrepid Health Group started using the Automated Task Manager at the beginning of 2022 to ensure that tasks were completed quickly despite the increased volume due to the pandemic while dealing with challenges such as staff burnout and increasingly frustrated patients. Once the system was implemented, they eliminated, on average, 70 phone calls daily, directly saving 50 hours of work per week. 
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