Terms of Service
Hello and Welcome to WaiveTheWait. We here at WaiveTheWait are focused on optimizing clinical workflows while maintaining high degrees of security and privacy by design.

Data Usage
We take privacy and security very seriously. We have the following precautions to ensure that information is kept safe. We support PHIPA compliance to ensure that patient privacy is taken care of.

1.a) As part of this process, we do not collect and store any PII (Personal Identifiable Information - such as name, phone number, address etc.) and PHI (Protected Health Information) longterm.

1.b) All data will be deleted from our systems within 24 hours after a workflow has been completed

1.c) We will not be selling any information to third parties.

1.d) The wait times for the Smart Waiting Room are calculated through a series of complex computations that will happen safely and securely without any information being leaked from our end.

1.e) All data is processed and stored through servers that are maintained in Canada.

Your Responsibilities
2.a) To ensure we can provide our system safely to patients, patients must not share phone numbers or personalized links to other people with the intention of letting them into their Smart Waiting Room.

2.b) By using our system, patients consent to receiving text messages and reminders letting them know about their patient journey unless you explicitly remove consent by interacting with our system. Our systems work with each individual clinic to remove patients who do not consent to share personal communication channels with us (i.e. emails, phone numbers). If a patient does not consent but still received a message from us, please reach out to either the clinic or info@waivethewait.com and we will take steps to ensure you are removed from our system.

Our Offerings - Smart Waiting Room
3.a) For the Smart Waiting Room, what we offer is an estimation of your wait time as well as your travel time.

3.b) However, these are estimations and suggestions, we in no way take no liability if the estimations are off.

3.c) We provide the opportunity for patients to let the clinics know about their journey status, the patient takes full responsibility for what they set their status to.

3.d) We offer an indirect line of communication from the receptionists and the clinic to the patients.

3.e) No other messaging will be sent to the patient that is without the express trigger occurring at the clinic.

Our Offerings - Automated Task Manager
4.a) The Automated Task Manager will only send information based off of the tasks and workflows setup by the clinic and WaiveTheWait. No other information will come from us.

4.b) No messaging to the patient will happen without the express trigger occurring at the clinic.

Third Parties
5.a) We do not take any liability if our third party services fail due to their internal problems