Smart Waiting Room
Check in
patients from the comforts of their home!

Empower your patients and your staff by making pre-appointment processes more efficient! Patients can now provide any necessary information through WaiveTheWait's customized dashboard which will update the EMR. No downloads or apps are involved! Patients receive text reminders and notifications telling them exactly when to leave home to arrive at the clinic on time. The system accounts for the delay at the clinic, so patients arrive only when the clinic is ready to see them.

Wait room sign inWait room dashboard
Case Study
Reducing staff burnout and streamlining operations
at Queen Square Doctors
104 Hours
Time saved monthly checking patients in
Reduction in no shows
Queen Square Doctors started using WaiveTheWait in 2020 during the height of the pandemic. Many clinics at this time were looking for solutions to avoid crowded waiting rooms and manage staffing shortages. This is where WaiveTheWait stepped in. Once the clinic started using WaiveTheWait’s Smart Waiting Room, there were no lines and no patients in their waiting room, ensuring the safety of staff and patients.

The Smart Waiting Room system calculated the wait time and commute time and sent a text to patients letting them know when to leave their homes so that they would arrive when the clinic is ready to see them. From the comfort of their homes and smartphones, patients could check in, verify their health cards, and fill out required forms freeing up staff to take care of other work.
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