Document Triaging Service

Automatically Label and File Your Incoming Faxes

Labelling and filing incoming faxes are among the most annoying and tedious aspects of administrating a clinic. Using the Document Triaging Service by WaiveTheWait, automatically identify patients, classify documents and add medical labels/titles with no staff intervention. These files can then be automatically sent to a doctor's inbox or added to a patient's chart depending on your clinic's current workflows.

Using various documents your clinic has already labelled in the past, WaiveTheWait will train a custom AI model to label your incoming faxes.

Freeing up the Front Staff at Fleetwood Medical

# of faxes labelled and filed automatically in a week
                       hours saved every week
Fleetwood Family Physicians is a medical clinic from Surrey, BC with 5 family doctors. They were receiving almost 100 faxes/day adding two hours of staff work daily.

Moreover the endless and tedious nature of these incoming faxes makes it difficult to retain staff who are being burnt out by this mind-numbing task.

Through the use of WaiveTheWait's Document Triaging Service however, staff can focus on the more complex patients while our systems work in the background ensuring that documents are sent to the appropriate physician.
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