Automated Task Manager

The Automated Task Manager runs in the background and completes patient outreach tasks in your EMR for you. Using Natural Language Processing, the system scans through tasks, identifies the ones you want completed, and automatically completes them to the specifications of the clinic. Enable your staff to do more by letting WaiveTheWait handle tedious and time-consuming tasks!
Learn how Intrepid Health Group eliminated 70 calls a day with the Automated Task Manager

Document Triaging Service

The Document Triaging Service automatically identifies patients, classifies documents and adds medical labels/titles with no staff intervention. These files can then be automatically sent to a doctor's inbox or added to a patient's chart depending on your clinic's current workflows. Free up your front staff from this tedious and mind-numbing task allowing them to focus on more complex patient needs!

Learn more about how Fleetwood Family Physicians automatically filed 100s of faxes a day using the Document Triaging Service

Smart Waiting Room

Empower your patients and your staff by making pre-appointment processes more efficient! Patients can now provide any necessary information through WaiveTheWait's customized dashboard which will update the EMR. No downloads or apps are involved! Patients receive text reminders and notifications telling them exactly when to leave home to arrive at the clinic on time. The system accounts for the delay at the clinic, so patients arrive only when the clinic is ready to see them
Learn how Queen Square Doctors saved over 140 hours
a month with the Smart Waiting Room
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